A newspaper advertisement announcing the availability of seats may, at the discretion of the Principal, be released three to four months before the academic year is scheduled to commence. Prospective parents are welcome to visit the school on any working day and may register their child for admission into a particular class in a particular class.

A non-refundable registration fee, to be determined and reviewed periodically by the Board of Governors, will be charged from candidates applying for registration on the prescribed registration form. The mere act of registration will not constitute a guarantee of admission, which is subject to testing, interview and the rules contained herein. All candidates will be required to register, following the registration procedures outlined above and only registered candidates will be eligible for admission.


Following registration, all candidates will be notified as to the dates for Entrance Test and Interview.

The tests for Standard I to V will be conducted for three subjects, namely, English, Mathematics, Hindi and General Knowledge, based on the minimal development levels required at the conclusion of the previous class, according to the School’s syllabi.

The interview will be aimed at determining the congruency of the parental point of view with that of the School and interpreting the subject scores of students with regard to their potential, aptitude, personality, innate intelligence, sporting skills, aesthetic and creative abilities and any other capabilities deemed remarkable by the Admissions Committee.

Failure to attend the admission test/interview without just reason will cause the registration to lapse. In such case, the candidate’s registration will be considered null and void and the Registration fee paid will be forfeited. The Admission Committee will be the final arbitrator in such cases and may at its discretion conduct another test in genuine cases, if so justified.

The results will be compiled strictly on merit and subject to the provisions contained herein, by the Admissions Committee, following which seats will be offered to the candidates in order of merit.

The Admission Committee will be endowed with the right to reject the application of any student without assigning any reason whatsoever.

The Admission Documents must be carefully studied by parents and those items describing the Rules and Regulations of the School remembered and retained by Parents for their own record.

Admission Procedure

  • CBSE Curriculum for class XI

Candidates who are offered admission must avail of the offer within 30 days of the School having made such offer, failing which the offer of admission will lapse. On full payment of admission dues and submission of the above documents, candidates will receive Admission Documents, allotted an admission number and placed on the School rolls. Admission dues once paid will not, under any circumstances, be refundable.

Admissions in Class IX

Those seeking admission directly to class IX should be aware that, in contrast to most other schools, we offer subject choices at this stage. Entrance test papers are therefore subject specific at this level. Please refer to the paragraph on Academics.


Candidates who are offered admission must avail of the offer within the specified time by paying the necessary admission dues, as defined in the current year’s Fee structure and returning duly signed the Indemnity Agreement (on Judicial Stamp Paper), the Uniform Measurement Chart and the Student’s Medical History form, failing which the offer of admission will lapse. In such a case, the school will be entitled to offer the place to another candidate in order of merit/position on the waiting list.

On full payment of the admission dues and submission of the relevant documents, candidates will be sent a set of Admission Documents, allotted an admission number and placed on the School rolls.

Once admitted, candidates will be subject to all the rules and regulations of the School. Admission dues once paid will not under any circumstances be refundable.